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Review | DEER HUNTER RELOADED: hunting in our smartphones!

The open hunt! We take up our rifles and leave for the vast prairies and large forestsDEER HUNTER RELOADED waiting for us on Google Play!

Here is our review.

After several comments about Gameloft's tragedy video games, today we move home and move on to Glu Mobile. In fact, this title, defined as the best hunting game, will play the role of a hunter who, together with his shotgun, will travel throughout North America. The landscapes are truly breathtaking and completely immersed in nature, so you can admire truly marvelous places.

The game is very suggestive and refined and at first glance you really feel like you are immersed in nature, excellent playability, very fluid game as well as truly precise aim. Compared to previous titles, it has improved a lot and many features have been added such as X-ray mode to target specific organs, the ability to move to find the most strategic points, Avatar customizable with many jackets, vests, boots and glasses (all to camouflage it at best), also once certain animals are killed you will win trophies that you can exhibit in the appropriate room.

DEER HUNTER RELOADED truly the best hunting game on Google Play the only flaw that in freemium mode there will be content, like the most exclusive armaments, for a fee, also after a certain time of integrated play-app will be essential to continue. The game is still very enjoyable and very good as far as gameplay is concerned.

Spectacular graphics and extremely detailed nature. This game differs from all the others due to the really realistic environments and reproductions of animals, which manage to immerse the player in a real hunting trip.

DEER HUNTER RELOADED can certainly not be missing on the devices of all hunting lovers, but also for all people who are passionate about this genre.

This title is certainly very valid in terms of graphics, while the playability after several hours may become monotonous.

Recall that the game free with contents in app purchase so if you are undecided this problem does not arise. Here is the trailer and the download box.

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(App) com.glu.deerhuntnew (/ app)


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