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Review | Dark Legens: vampires and MMORPGs? Well yes!

After talking about Order & Chaos, the MMORPG by Gameloft, and of the future Origins Of Malu, the first cross-platform MMORPG, belonging to the classic fantasy-medieval vein, the time has come to deal with something different and more original, but always inherent in the MMO world. Today we're going to review Dark Legends, MMORPG of Spacetime Studiosdedicated to the world of vampires.

Define it a MMORPG* in all respects perhaps not too correct, given the absence of a real open-world that unites most of the titles of this group, but all the main features with which Dark Legends, despite everything, allow this game to position themselves within this videogame genre. After publishing Pocket Legends is Star LegendsSpacetime Studios tries again in order to earn the title of best MMO on Android, by publishing the Google OS version of its Dark Legends, browser game for Chrome launched some time ago.


The thing that immediately catches the eye without a doubt is the way in which the user faces missions, PvP instances and small sub-quests: we will have before us a certain map with a path formed by missions to be carried out, according to the city to which we have arrived. Once the quest is chosen, the interface allows us to move through the classic virtual pad located in the lower left corner, and to attack through a series of buttons in the lower right corner. The more missions we complete, the more maps and neighborhoods we will unlock, moving forward in the game. As said before, we will not have an explorable open-world, but rooms in which to face single missions alone or in the company of other players.

The missions are of various types: some consist of a series of killings to free certain places from the invasion of the zombies, our main enemies, others will simply be interludes in which, for example, we will perform rituals and calls to spirits or investigations: it must be admitted that after a bit of gaming, the title may be too repetitive. To be honest, the main purpose of the title is to carry out missions in cooperation with other online users, without having too much care to give importance to the storyline, we can therefore say that Spacetime Studios has drastically changed the way a player deals with this type of game. Important note concerns the longevity of the game: difficult to find other games on the store that have such a large number of missions and sub-quests to play.

The multiplayer compartment is well developed and allows users a simple and fairly intuitive game. By accessing the Vampire District through menus, as well as finding stores where to buy items and clothes to customize our game characters, we will be able to access the PvP room and create epic battles.

Technical features:

Although an MMORPG requires considerable hardware efforts, the work done by Spacetime Studios about the commendable graphics engine, as it combines a good graphic design with really spot on colors and remarkable special effects, with a noteworthy fluidity, even on not too recent terminals. The work done in the sound sector is not optimal, using audio effects that are a bit too fake and soundtracks that do not excite. To conclude, the connection between client and server is really stable and successful, eliminating LAG problems and making the gaming experience pleasant.

Final thoughts:

A game characterized by a fair gameplay, accompanied by well-known technical characteristics and excellent longevity. The weak point? Perhaps the repetitiveness that you feel in continuing with the storyline, a factor that denies this Spacetime Studio MMORPG a perfect score. Below find a game video accompanied by the link to the Play Store.

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*MMORPG: Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. More simply, an online role-playing game in which a large number of players participate together and simultaneously in game sessions such as missions or player-to-player challenges, having the possibility to interact with each other through private and public chats, or belonging to various guilds or clans.

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