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Review | Call of Duty Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Are you ready to take up arms and fight for your nation? Here is the complete review of Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, another fantastic Gameloft game.

A few days ago we had tried for you Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, now we show you another exceptional title that certainly has nothing to envy to the one tried previously. The game this time takes similarity from another exceptional console title we are talking about the * Battlefield series. In Modern Combat 3 your task will be to counterattack the enemy, made up of an organization called Alliance KPR made up of North Korean, Russian and Pakistani soldiers. This union brought America to its knees by declaring war, the U.S. defense collapsed and the KPR alliance conquered some of the American territories by releasing the order to release the nuclear bombs.

It all starts in Los Angelese you will take on the role of James Walker. Your team, nicknamed Anvil-1, is tasked with gathering information from the National Security Agency building. Once the data has been recovered, you can reach the extraction point. The game itself is very complex and difficult, consisting of 13 missions which in turn are very long and full of pitfalls: ambushes, twists, melee fights are the order of the day, everything manages to involve the player more, making the story very pleasant.

The excellent multiplayer mode we could play up to 12 players in 6 different maps and 7 as many game modes. In addition, both in campaign mode and in multiplayer mode we will earn credits that we can spend on equipment or weapons, another interesting novelty added in this title. The truly vast weapons sector will have a wide range of machine guns, shotguns and pistols available. The only flaw we found in the sometimes inaccurate aim and this forces you to use the viewfinder.

Really perfect, spectacular explosions and incredible attention to detail, certainly a fabulous game with attention to the smallest details and this confirms it as the best action game on Google Play and perhaps also the one with the best graphics.

Absolutely perfect, there is very little to say about a game full of disuspance and action, all of which allowed Gameloft to create an incredible title that was certainly promoted with flying colors!

The game available on Google Play for the price of 5.49, high enough but certainly valid for such a video game.

Here is a short video and download box.

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* Battlefield: the title of a first-person shooter war video game series developed by Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment, and published by Electronic Arts. The series includes exclusive titles for the Windows platform, and others with the exclusive preserve of the consoles. The titles, although they also include a Single Player mode, have found particular success in being playline, in Multiplayer mode.

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