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Quicktime arrives on Linux

Quicktime arrives on Linux logomacitynet1200wide 1

CrossOver the name of the project developed by CodeWeavers and of the plugin that allows to have native functionality of both QT and Shockwabe on the Linux platform and enables users to make movies, even within browsers, with the same fluidity and the same features found on Mac and Windows.Crossover implements another technology called "Wine", in practice a collection of libraries built from the foundation and which are not present in normal Linux installations. Apple has helped developers not only from the point from a technical point of view, but has even changed its licensing program which provided for the use of the software only on the platforms for which it was designed: now it is possible for Crossover to use plugins born for Windows. This is a useful development for both platforms: Linux can use a series of multimedia tools for consulting and translating many graphic formats, aud me and video and Apple increases the spread of QuickTime in the growing base of installed Linux. Quicktime plugins can be used on different Linux browsers, a version compatible with Opera is in progress.

Crossover is available for $ 20 with other Wine tools and $ 29 on CD media. For more information, visit the CodeWeavers website.

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