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Protect your privacy with Privacy Scanner for Facebook

All aspects of one's digital life must always be controlled in such a way as to protect one's privacy on the internet. Although it is a difficult task every internet user has the possibility even if he connects from a smartphone Android to protect your personal data as much as possible. In fact, although attacks on the internet are increasingly sophisticated, there is still an adequate response from the developers who deal with IT security. The world of social networks has implemented the weakness of users and therefore the possible loss of personal information. To protect those who use social networks and in particular Facebook, Trend Micro, a company present on the market for over twenty years and among the most important in the field of IT security, has produced a completely free application to monitor and correct privacy settings.

Privacy Scanner for Facebook an application Android free created by Trend Micro for the protection of privacy on facebook, the most used social network ever. Specifically, this application is used to protect your personal data, scan the settings relating to privacy on Facebook, identify all those that could be a risk, advise the user how to change them and finally perform another scan to make sure that the changes have been made .

Before we start we need to make sure it is active on your device Android a wifi or 3G connection. Then tap the button on the bottom of the screen. Then log in to Facebook through the application. Once you enter the profile, Privacy Scanner will immediately check the privacy, it may take a few minutes depending on the characteristics of the device. Once the scan is finished, the weak points of your profile will come out such as the display of posts, search options with the internal Facebook engine, setting of search engines, tag controls, settings for the use of applications and many others. To change the privacy settings you need to touch the corresponding item and make your choice.

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