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PhotoShop Carbon Beta in late September?

PhotoShop Carbon Beta in late September? logomacitynet1200wide 1

The development of Phoshop 6.5, the first carbonized version and therefore compatible with MacOs X, would have started and would have already reached a good point. Some sources claim that, citing anonymous reports, say that the most popular photo editing program in the world would be very close to the beta phase.According to the same sources, a public demonstration of PhotShop Carbon in beta could take place at the end of September during the Seybold of San Francisco. The review of the DTP of the east coast one of the most important events for the sector and the announcement that the program in an advanced stage of development could provide a considerable contribution to the cause of Apple and the new Os.PhostoShop 6.5, however, could see the light only much farther in time, perhaps only in the early months of 2002. Again according to rumors reported by some PS websites one of the most difficult applications to bring to the new OS due to the large amount of code but also the fact that much of it considerably old, much older than that used for GoLive or Illustrator.

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