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Philips SHE9850, new modern and sporty earphones

Philips has presented the new Philips SHE9850 in-ear headphones to accompany users in the most lively activities, travel, trekking, walking, sports and travel of all kinds.

The new earphones are available in three different sizes to ensure maximum comfort and the best acoustic insulation from external noises, also thanks to the modern and captivating design in its essentiality.

In addition, the earphones are equipped with a balanced armature high definition transducer, for a clear and precise audio reproduction even during the most energetic activities and the most intense training.

Of course, the Philips headsets can also be used every day, by those who simply want superior sound quality for their music and for their listening. Philips SHE9850 earphones are already available at the recommended price of around 99.90 Euros.