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PaceCalc sports calculator for iPhone and touch

PaceCalc an application with an extremely low price, only 1.59 euros, suitable for monitoring our progress or planning training for swimming, running and also for cyclists. It does not work as an automatic meter but allows to obtain the travel time, the distance or our pace by performing the calculations starting from the two known values.

For example, if we take note of the time taken and the distance traveled, PaceCalc calculates the pace for us quickly. Still if we feed our software our pace and time, the program calculates the distance. PaceCalc allows you to recalculate the results on the fly by changing the entered values, a useful function for example to experiment with different gaits and observe the expected end times.

The program supports both Anglo-Saxon units of measure miles and yards, and fortunately for us meters and kilometers, also offering the instant conversion function between one measure and another. The PaceCalc program available in this direct App Store link at the modest price of 1.59 euros.