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Noreve, 10 thousand euros for an iPhone case

Noreve, 10 thousand euros for an iPhone case logomacitynet1200wide 1

For an exclusive mobile phone, exclusive covers cannot be missing; perhaps the iPhone is becoming anything but a product for the few, given the amount of phones sold and the popularity of the same; as a matter of fact, excessive and unconventional accessories continue to be present.

This time we are talking about Noreve's Diamond Leather Case for iPhone 3G. At first glance it might seem a very normal and simple insertion leather case for the mobile phone, with a particular decoration on the front. On closer inspection in that decoration nothing more than a set of real diamonds set and firmly sewn into the fabric.

272 diamonds with VS quality and G color (for those who know it), for a total of 6.8 carats. Obviously this type of exclusivity, available in the three colors black, red and yellow, has its price, equal to 9990 euros. For those interested in this crazy accessory dedicated to the iPhone 3G, the Diamod Leather Case is produced only on order; for more information we recommend a visit to the official website of Noreve.

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