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New updates for 8SMS and Chrome Beta Android

The two applications' 8SMS 'and'Chrome Beta?For Android they are receiving new updates. As for ?Chrome Beta Android?, its update has the initials ?31 .0.1650.16 ?. So, as learned in the Changelog, thanks to this new release, there have been the introduction of several bug fixes.

In fact, a problem has been fixed, that is the one that showed a white square during the swipe on the toolbar; The maximum memory of the images encoded on each Android device has been limited, so many of the rendering crashes have been fixed in 295895. In addition, the problem of the focus that arose while navigating with the keyboard has been resolved. In addition, the 'add to homescreen' option will also be available for bookmarks on NTP previous. Again, the most visited NTP section will go to zero when there are no more visited sites. So anyone who wants to make the new 'Chrome Beta Android' update will be able to do so via Play Store. While the second application: 8SMS is about to receive the new update that reaches version 1.09. This app also received the update to fix bugs.

Indeed, with his release A known problem has been resolved, that is, that caused the written text to be lost in the quick reply window when a new text message arrived. In addition, other crashes that occurred while searching for a contact for composing a new text message on all HTC mobile devices have been resolved. In addition, the management of MMS presentations has been improved; a new function has been introduced, that is, debugging for all MMS. In addition, the MMS presentations controller present since startup. Even for 8SMS it is possible to download the update from the Play Store.

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