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New Class A: the iPhone-sized machine


Video: Mercedes Drive Kit Plus for iPhone integration in the car

By now smartphones have become part of our daily lives: we use them for practically anything.

They have become so important that today I am also able to best interface with our car, especially if the car in question is the new A-Class.

Mercedes, the first in the sector, has created a very particular technology that allows for best integrate our iPhones (4, 4S and 5) with the on-board system of the machine. By connecting the iPhone to the appropriate connector, in fact, it is possible to control practically any aspect of the Apple smartphone directly from the controls on the machine, also thanks to the comfortable touchscreen display that emerges from the dashboard.

With the iPhone connected to the Mercedes A-Class, therefore, it will be possible to listen to music, update the status on social networks, manage calls and messages, but also take advantage of Mercedes' satellite navigation system, completely free and with offline maps of any European country. Not bad, right?

More details to follow.

Drive Kit Plus

Some time ago we talked about the Mercedes Drive Kit Plus project. Presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show, in 2011 it was only a concept, but, after years of improvements and hard work, it finally became a product available for sale. The first car to benefit from this particular technology, as we said, the new A-Class.

But how does Mercedes Drive Kit Plus work?

As we have anticipated, the system allows to deeply integrate the use of the iPhone with the car, in particular the new Mercedes A-Class.

Once connected to the phone by a cable and an application is installed, the phone converses with the car and allows you to manage various functions.

How much does Mercedes Drive Kit Plus cost?

The kit costs 704.

Not exactly cheap, but still in line with the price of similar products. The GPS navigator on my Golf 6, for example, cost almost 1000 and offered only 1/10 of the features offered by this Mercedes Plus Drive Kit, so the price requested by Mercedes seems to me not only competitive, but also low compared to the competition, especially considering that this Mercedes Plus Drive Kit is not only a satellite navigator, but much more!

Anyway, to clear up any doubts, I leave you with a complete video, obviously in Italian, which analyzes in every aspect this brand new Mercedes Drive Kit Plus system.

What do you think?

For me, all this spectacular, too bad it's only available for iPhone and not for Android smartphones. Not bad, given that many companies start installing Android in their systems to manage the car

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