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Netshare, the anger of the developers

Netshare has earned the most ballerina and controversial application of the short history of the App Store. It appears for a few hours, disappears for almost a day and then reappears again. Finally it disappears (probably) definitively. All without any explicit and stated reason, neither from Apple nor from Nullriver, or the company that created the program.

In reality, Nullriver seems to be the main victim in this story that is making enough noise not so much for the wavy presence of the application that, we remember, serves to connect the iPhone as a modem, as for the original attitude of Apple, completely changes on the subject. The suspicion that the choice to remove the program stems from the fact that a paid iPhone connection could be used to navigate the computer, which certainly does not please At & T which provides flat connections to its customers. But the problem that is, in fact, only a suspicion and not a certainty, which leaves many doubts open and opens doubts about the attitude of Apple that should feel obliged, if nothing else, to explain to the developer, as well as to customers, the reason why he first accepted the program and then prevented its sale. This would be useful to understand if there is a commercial choice behind it, and therefore avoid other developers to make the mistake of wasting time on applications that cannot be sold, and reassure users who have downloaded the program, paying for it, that behind there are other types of problems.

Understandably, the mood of the Nullriver managers is extremely black. 'We have not yet had any response from Apple as to why Netshare has been removed from the App Store – reads the first page of the site. Our calls to the ADC (Apple Developer Connection) only resulted in a few hours of waiting online, then we were forced to give up. E-mails to various contacts from Apple and the development program returned no response. Is this an acceptable business practice? We believe not. When an application lacks approval or, even more, when an application is removed from sale, Apple should feel compelled to provide a valid reason. "