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Netshare, a hope to see him again on the App Store

Nullriver is working to bring Netshare back to the App Store. This is the good news that appeared last night on the first page of the developer's site, which therefore offers some hope to those who want a system to connect to the Internet using the iPhone as a modem.

'We finally managed to get in touch with Apple – it reads on the first page of the Nullriver site – it seems that the communication difficulties were due to problems with the automatic response systems, ours and they, which made some messages lose. We are working with Apple to bring NetShare back to the App Store. '

The Netshare affair is known. The program, a system for tethering the iPhone via Wifi, first appeared, then disappeared, still reappeared and definitively disappeared from the Cupertino store. All without explanation to customers or even to the developer. The suspicion behind the story are the pressures of those, few, mobile operators who have flat rates who fear that their budgets will be seriously damaged by excessive use of the band, given that using the iPhone as a modem by connecting it to a computer surf much faster and more comfortably.

At this point it remains to be seen what fruits Nullriver's work with Apple will yield. Cupertino, making himself the spokesman of his partners' concerns, impose restrictions on the use of the program? Asking somehow limit the available bandwidth or the usage time per session? All that remains is to wait and see.

In this topic of our forum we talk about the software, its functioning and the contortions that surround its story.