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MacOs 10.1 will be paid

MacOs 10.1 will be paid logomacitynet1200wide 1

No MacOs X 10.1 free. The update to the new and exciting version of the new Os will have to be paid for. The news will be released by some American mailing lists, immediately taken up by some sites that have further clarified confirming that it will be necessary to pay a sum that in dollars will be 19.95, in Italian lire could therefore fluctuate between 45,000 and 50,000 lire. The fact that MacOs X 10.1 will be sold and will therefore not be available for free download seems to contradict what Steve Jobs himself said during the keyonote. The CEO of Apple had in fact explicitly referred to the update calling it "free", or rather free. Phil Schiller has specified in this regard stating, as reported by some US journalists, that the update formally paid but in reality free since Apple will draw from its I simply sell the expense coverage. "We literally revolutionized the code – Shiller said – we modified almost all the components. Then impossible to think that it can be offered for download. It is tens and tens of megs. The only solution in light of all this, the only solution is the sale "We remind you that MacOs 10.1 will be available from the autumn and that will introduce, among other things, DVD playback, burning directly from the Finder and numerous novelties at a deep level that they will also accelerate most tasks two or three times.

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