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Liqueurs: 167 recipes to make them at home with iPhone and touch

Liqueurs: 167 recipes to make them at home with iPhone and touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

The Italian developers of Nuvolabs have launched a very special recipe book for iPhone and touch on the App Store: with the Liquori app we have 167 recipes with attention to detail to prepare Italian traditional liqueurs at home. The application aimed at enthusiasts of genuine and home-made products, users who in addition to tasting the liqueurs, will also enjoy the time and the procedure itself necessary for the preparation.

For each liqueur the software offers the complete ingredients and also the description of the preparation: fans must be willing to be patient. Some infusions also take several months before they are ready for tasting. In the database of 167 recipes we find the most classic liqueurs up to the most sought after ones, moreover the developer ensures that the list will continue to grow over time thanks to the updates whose work has already begun.

The deliberately simplified interface offers two main tabs: the generic list of spirits and one with the favorites. At the top of the screen, the user also has a search function that allows you to locate the liqueurs from the desired ingredient.

Liquors proposed on the App Store at 1.59 euros.

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