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Jobs: "Too Many Mistakes with MobileMe"

Jobs: "Too many errors with MobileMe" logomacitynet1200wide 1

'With the launch of MobileMe we made a mistake. Too many things to do at the same time. We had to wait and launch the service in stages ". This is Steve Jobs' mea culpa, an awareness that does not publish but is reported in an internal "circular" that the CEO of Cupertino uses when he has something important to say to his employees.

According to what ArsTechnica reports, which got its hands on the message, Jobs would have admitted that the launch of MobileMe was not "Apple standard" compliant, mainly due to a lack of sufficient testing of the Internet suite. Another mistake would have been the fact that he wanted to present the whole service at once; in practice according to Jobs it was necessary to proceed step by step, first with some functions and then with others. The situation was not favorable for such a massive effort: 'we already had a lot to do: iPhone 3G, iPhone 2.0 software, the App Store. The launch of MobileMe could be delayed without any consequence. What happened – Jobs says – has shown that we still have a lot to learn about Internet services and we will do it. The vision behind MobileMe in an exciting and ambitious time. We will follow this path to make MobileMe that service to be proud of by the end of the year ".

The task of rearranging things and cleaning up the image of MobileMe is entrusted to Eddie Cue, a well-known face of Cupertino's management. Cue manages all the assets of iTunes and now the entire system of Apple's Internet services will be its responsibility: the music and video store, the App Store and also, precisely, MobileMe.

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