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Jobs present in Henrico

Jobs present at Henrico logomacitynet1200wide 1

The first batch of the thousands of iBooks purchased from the Henrico County school district received a 'special' welcome. Host of honor and 'host' of the ceremony was none other than Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO.

According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, a local newspaper in Richmond, Virginia, Jobs showed up in his uniform for special occasions, Levi's jeans and a black crew-neck. Jobs talked with professors and students underlining the relevance of the event that will allow the teaching body and pupils to be equipped with a high-performance laptop that allows wireless connections to the school network and at the same time to organize in an innovative way the whole school year. 'I want every school district to do the same thing that Henrico did.' The appearance of Jobs had a very strong specific reason for being. The district has purchased 23,000 iBooks, the largest order in the history of educational computerization in the USA.

The managers of the computerization of the school district of Henrico are now considering the opportunity to provide laptops also for elementary school children. Those just purchased are intended for middle and high school kids.

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