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Japan: iPhone anti-maniacs

Click. And the photo is taken. Click, and another click. How many films, advertisements and situations are defined by this characteristic noise: the shutter that clicks, the diaphragm that opens, the image that is indelibly impressed on the film of the film, or that affects the digital sensors and is recorded, converted and saved on the memory card of digital models? So characteristic that it has also been artificially added to digital cameras inserted in mobile phones, for marketing purposes only.

In fact, the first digital cameras integrated into mobile phones were so small and imprecise and precarious that to make the feeling of the owner who wanted to take photos more "round" it was thought to digitize the characteristic noise of the shutter, the shutter, and make it emit at full volume from the unit when taking the photo. In practice, a palliative that serves to give satisfaction to those who use it.

Not everyone likes it: for this reason, when the phone is in "silent" mode, the noise is reset. Practical, less annoying, also because the curtain that lifts to let the light pass through the microscopic optics practically does not emit a perceptible sound except for the finer and more trained ears.

Here we come to Japan, and the iPhone also landed there, along with the other 21 countries in which it was marketed. Code, people who wanted it, big move for the marketing of the company that got it. For the Japanese iPhone, not a phone perfectly the same as the others. In fact, rather than frequencies, settings or language (all present on all devices wherever they are marketed), this is precisely the "click noise" function. That cannot be removed even by resetting the volume.

Why? Not a coincidence; a conscious choice that, as reported by the old Japanese friend and companion of many Steve Jobs keynotes, Nobouyuki Hayashi in his blog, has its reasons for the behavior of a few "maniacs" who are looming above all in the big Japanese cities like Tokyo: the Upskirt and the Downblouse. What is it about? Of the habit of taking treacherous photographs with the cellphone silenced from below to see the female nature barely concealed by the short skirt for example of the young boarders who take the subway, or the other habit of taking treacherous photographs with the cellphone silenced from above to visually delve into the hills and valleys of the not too generous Asian breast left garibaldinamente in sight by blouses and skimpy and tight-fitting dresses as required.

Here, because of a few maniacs, all telephones marketed in Japan have this "security lock" that prevents the noise of the shutter from being silenced, which in some cases is made even more noisy as an additional deterrent even for the unfortunate girls a little hard of ears. Large crowd of articles to follow the innocent blog post of the Japanese friend and colleague, who has become in the Anglo-Saxon world (his post in English) a sort of reference to bring out the latest prudery dedicated to the Japanese and their way of understand (according to Westerners) life and above all the etiquette in commuter journeys. It should be noted, however, that if someone here in Italy is scandalized and thinks of how "maniacs" the Japanese are, he could also refer to the video that colleagues from Repubblica have published of the pensioner from Treviglio and his prowess as a supermarket with a cell phone camouflaged in the shopping basket.