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iSkin Revo2 ready for iPhone 3G

iSkin recently unveiled its Revo2 for iPhone 3G, successor to Revo, one of the company's flagship products. The new version of the cover maintains all the old features that have made the predecessor successful: the quality of the silicone, the material that, according to the company, offers MIcroban antimicrobial protection, and an attractive and gritty style.

The new version offers greater protection, with a perfect fit, the knurled back for a more secure grip, an external cover for volume control, protection for the dock connector and the ViSOR (TM) screen cover, which adheres perfectly to the touch screen but it is anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint. Particularity also the opening on the high front, which does not obstruct and does not obstruct the proximity sensors of the Apple mobile phone

Also compatible with the RevoClip, the Revo2 available in four colors: blue, red, black and gray. The cost of the cover of 44.90 euros; remember that in Italy iSkin products are distributed by DM&S and ADL.