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iPhone "nano" by Christmas?

iPhone "nano" by Christmas? logomacitynet1200wide 1

By Christmas, Apple could introduce a new low-cost iPhone to the market to conquer a slice of the market that today contracts for competitors capable of offering entry-level devices. The plan was revealed by an article published by the British newspaper Daily Mail that cites 'industrial sources'.

The newspaper does not say much more about the new iPhone except that it will be a different type of cell phone from the one on the market today with a finger form factor. In the article they appear for various types of assumptions, some apparently also quite imaginative. Among these we mention the location of a 'touch wheel' (which could be a click wheel) on the back and the display on the front.

The iPhone nano (as it is named by the Daily Mail itself) will be marketed by O2 with a rechargeable plan (pay as you go) and sold at a cost of 150 pounds, about 190 euros.

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