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iPhone Firmware 2.1 in beta, important GPS news

Apple has begun to distribute a new firmware version 2.1 for iPhone. The update, in beta and detected by some sites such as Gearlog, provides the phone with the ability to recognize the orientation towards which it is positioned and the speed of movement, essential functions to transform the iPhone into a real navigator, capable of driving towards a location giving step by step directions.

In addition to an update of the Core Location services, there are other innovations in the firmware including, says AppleInsider, also the first elements supporting the background operating mode of the applications. As is known, this function will be supported by a push service capable of providing the iPhone with an update via server on the status of a certain application which is not currently running; in this way, developers will be able to create programs that, even if 'off', receive a remote update and respond to the end user. In practice, it will be possible to switch from one program to another without completely closing it and recalling its status, perhaps after making a call or having passed to another application, which could be useful for navigation or instant messaging software.

Apple, while waiting for developers and beta testers to provide guidance on iPhone 2.1, is also working on version 2.01 of the firmware. The update, which could be released soon, should address some of the bugs of the current version: sporadic difficulties of the position sensor to identify the orientation of the screen, inaccuracy, always sporadic, of the GPS or failure to operate, rumble audio during some phone calls, inability to keep the ringtone volume settings, all problems also found by the Macity editorial staff.