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iPhone: Easily bypass the LockScreen with Passcode on iOS 6.x


iPhone: Bypass the LockScreen with Passcode on iOS 6.x

An excellent method to protect your Privacy on our Apple Smartphone activate the Passcode which is activated each time the device is unlocked, thus preventing you from having free access to your iPhone.

Many bugs have been fixed with iOS 6.1, primarily the Battery Drain on the iPhone 4S due to a bad setting of the 3G Switch. But unfortunately not all the problems have been solved, in fact a serious bug has been discovered that allows you to bypass the unlock screen protected by Passcode. In fact it is possible to skip this control through some simple steps that we will see together.

The trick applicable on all iPhones that we have installed version 6 of iOS then with iOS 6.1.1 (latest update), iOS 6.1, and iOS 6.0. The use of this method allows you to access the phone and consequently, means that you can make calls, access contacts and even edit them.

How to Bypass or Pass the LockScreen with Passcode on iPhone with iOS 6.x


  • An iPhone with iOS 6.0.1 / 6.0.2 / 6.1 / 6.1.1 with the Passcode set


  1. Turn on your iPhone by pressing the Home button.
  2. Slide to open the passcode entry menu. Press the "emergency call" button
  3. Hold down the power or lock key until you get the option to "scroll to turn off" and then press "Cancel".
  4. Enter 112 and quickly double-tap the green Call icon.
  5. Lock your iPhone by pressing the power or lock button.
  6. Turn on your iPhone by pressing the Home button. Again, slide to view the "Enter passcode" screen.
  7. Press and hold the power or lock key. After exactly three seconds and before the "Slide to switch off" option is activated, touch "Emergency call", then press the Home button and then release the on or lock button.

This got me around half a dozen attempts before I could do it well. If you get a blank black screen, you're doing it the wrong way. If you really followed the procedure correctly, you will now have access to the Phone application and all the contacts stored on the iPhone.

here is the video showing the process at work:

(youtuber youtube = ?http: // v = 9htICzd6A7o?)

Apple has not commented on the news to date, but it is very likely that an update will be released soon to plug this serious flaw.

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