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iPhone as a modem, here is the application on the App Store

iPhone as modem, here is the application on the App Store logomacitynet1200wide 1

The application that turns the iPhone into a modem returns to the App Store. The surprising reappearance of Netshare, which Macity spoke about this morning, occurred this evening without any explanation and reachable also on the Italian version of the shop.

As clarified this morning, Netshare allows the iPhone to connect via Wifi to a Mac and to use the phone to surf using the rate that is used to go to the Internet with iPhone, an interesting opportunity because it allows you to download mail or see websites on one much larger screen and therefore much more comfortable.

For customers from almost all over the world, the modem application is useful but surely it must be managed intelligently since there is the risk of running out of the data bonus (almost never unlimited) in a short time. For American customers (and for those of some tariffs on sale in the United Kingdom) a real "windfall" given the tariffs with unlimited data. Precisely the fact that with AT&T with iPhone there is an unlimited data rate at rates that are cheaper than those applied to users of other phones which, unlike Apple's mobile phone, can be used as a modem, had led to the supposition that originally the mobile operator was there.

On the Italian Netshare store it costs ? 7.99 and you can download it from here.

(Update) The application, a few hours after the publication of our article, was still removed. The topic is discussed in this topic of our forum

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