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iPhone, a video of the diagnostic test

Another small window opens that allows us to look behind the birth of an iPhone. After the images taken, by chance, to the phones on the assembly line, there is also a video of the software that is used to test the phones before they leave the factory.

Simone Agostini put it online, in his personal blog.

The sequence shows the phone, apparently still without the real operating system, carrying out a series of tests whose purpose is to assess the integrity of the hardware. The analysis starts at the Ram, then goes to the baseband and ends the main lap with the CPU. Once the first block is completed, a test of other components is started, those that give access to the networks, allow the connection of headphones, audio etc.

According to what we are told, the software actually determines the iPhones that meet the marketing requirements. Only after verification can the firmware be installed that makes an iPhone … the iPhone we all know.

The firmware that appears in the movie presented by Simone has been identified by chance also in some phones that arrived in the channels. Probably due to an error, at least one iPhone sold in the US had this diagnostic test installed instead of firmware 2.0. Some shots, posted on Hackintosh, visible on iPhone Atlas. N the American site, n the user who stumbled upon the diagnostic software by chance seems to have understood what is revealed by our reader, that is, it is the indispensable tool to test the perfect functioning of the iPhone before it leaves the factory and that in this case it had remained installed in the phone.