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iPhone 5S: the future Apple device is already in production!


The first photos of the iPhone 5S appear on the net, aesthetically identical to the current iPhone but with renewed Hardware

The iPhone 5S is already in production! A few months after the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple engineers have already "given birth" to a new model of the iPhone successor to the current one. We have to say that aesthetically nothing has changed and it can also be said that there is not all this need for a new design as that of the current iPhone 5 very much in step with the times, the British call it cool. Comparing it with other smartphones, it is really impossible to find one aesthetically more beautiful, I classify it as the aesthetically best smartphone based on the models currently in circulation, except for the price that really exaggerated!

Some images shown on various sites show the Assembly line of theFoxconn meanwhile the components of the new iPhone 5S are being manufactured. Below you will find the images, the more experienced will notice that this is not an iPhone 5 due to the different arrangement of the internal components. The new device I think will be marketed in the fall, as I said aesthetically identical to the previous one but we should have new hardware and with the support of users hopefully in a futuristic battery with immense capacity ;-)!

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