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How to forward calls to Android without using third party apps

Call forwarding something that is very useful on many occasions. If you don't know, call forwarding is a feature that allows you to divert calls that arrive at your number to any other number. For example, you are on vacation and want to divert business calls to your office or, say, you are unreachable but you want to call on another number, you can use call forwarding to do it. So, it's not surprising if you're wondering how to forward calls to an Android smartphone. Well, we're here to tell you exactly that. Here are the ways to activate call forwarding on Android:

Forward calls to Android natively

1. Go the Phone app on your device and app, touch the three-dot menu button and touch Settings .

2. In the phone settings, go to " Calls "and then touch" Call forwarding ".

3. Here, you will find options for activate call forwarding for all calls or when your number is busy, without answer or unattainable . You can simply touch one of the options and then enter the number a you want to divert calls to.

4. Once inserted, the call forwarding will be enabled and a permanent notification will appear indicating that call forwarding is active.

5. This all! After finishing, any call on your number will be diverted depending on the options you have chosen. possible disable call forwarding from the same settings . There is also an option to update the number you want to forward calls to.

Note : Some Android smartphones may have call forwarding options in the operating system settings instead of in the Phone app, so be sure to verify it.

Enable / disable call forwarding via USSD codes

All network operators also support USSD codes which you can use to easily enable or disable call forwarding. Here are some codes you can use:

Call forwardingTo enableDisable or Check Status
All calls * 21 * [phone number] # ## 21 #
When busy * 67 * [phone number] # ## 67 #
When he didn't answer * 61 * [phone number] # ## 61 #
When unreachable * 62 * [phone number] # ## 62 #

If the above codes don't work for you, you can simply search for your operator's specific code on the web. Also, there are third-party apps on the Play Store that claim to bring call forwarding features, but most of them are out of date.

Forward calls to Android using these methods

Well, so that calls are forwarded to an Android smartphone. We tried it on our phone and it works perfectly, so you shouldn't have any problems, but if you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below.