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How to encrypt an android smartphone

Encrypting the data of an android phone is possible and advisable in all those cases where there is confidential information to be protected. Although designed primarily for organizations and companies, encryption is also important to make your mobile device inaccessible in case of theft or loss. The operation is not absolutely complicated and can be performed in two ways: directly from your device or using applications created ad hoc. Before you start the encryption process, there are two basic things to consider. The first one that encrypts data on an irreversible device then to restore it smartphone it is necessary to restore the device to the factory settings, losing all data. All data will also be lost in the event that the cryptography was abruptly interrupted.

So the simple procedure. From the Home screen click on settings then on personal then security, cryptography and finally perform phone encryption. After reading the information carefully, click on encrypt phone. Be careful, this button will not appear if the device is not connected to the electricity. If you are not entirely sure you can still tap the back button. Then you have to touch the execute phone encryption button, enter the password to lock the screen then touch continue and finally perform telephone encryption. Encryption lasts at least an hour but can take even longer based on system resources.

Another way to perform the cryptography represented by the use of Encrypted Data Store LiteThis free application allows you to save your files inside an encrypted allocation using the AES256bit protocol. Baster, in fact, touch the "send to" button and immediately start the encryption operation. In the paid version, the encrypted files are opened in a sandbox in order to operate in maximum security.

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