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How to access an android system as root

Log in to the system Android as root means getting the credentials to make any changes to the operating system that runs on the device. The manufacturers of mobile telephony and tablets have decided not to make this option native because inexperienced users may even make the device unusable. So before making any changes it is necessary to understand that if you take this path there is a risk of creating serious damage and voiding the warranty.

Being a root user means having the maximum privileges on the device and therefore being able to make radical changes to the system. In fact, it is possible to delete or move preloaded applications, make backups of the entire system by saving the entire system image and reinstall it at any time, install unofficial android versions or modify the framework code.

A great way to log in as root is enough to use a windows program called Unlock Root. Before using this program, check if the device you have is compatible with this procedure. The complete list available at this address. While in case of driver problems this page could be the solution. Once you have downloaded the program, you need to activate the USB Debugging option which is found by going to Settings, Applications and Development. Now you need to connect the device Android to the computer via USB port then start unlock root and click on the root button. Then click on the button with the model of your smartphone then click no if it asks to install additional applications and when it asks if you want to restart the device. It is however possible to return to the simple user situation. To do this we must activate the Debug USb again then connect the device via USB cable, start Unlock Root and click on the unroot button.

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