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Here's how to have some Moto X features on your device …

We have been following for days on our pages the news regarding the Motorola Moto X, the new device made by the American company in collaboration with Google and which has made a lot of talk about the positive aspects it introduces regarding some features and customizations in the software part. Today we are going to see how to have some of them already now on our Android devices using the applications on the Play Store.

Active Notifications

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AMOLED displays have the unique ability to access only a few pixels based on the needs that the device has at that moment. The Moto X uses this option to display notifications on the lockscreen on a black background, in order to fulfill the function of displaying the elements and have a minimum use of the battery. Some developers have brought similar functionality to the Play Store thanks to ActiveNotifications.

Launch the applications with a movement of the wrist

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<p style=Another nice features of the Moto X the possibility to launch the camera application with a simple gesture of the wrist, to have this on your Android device you can install Launcher Twistydal Play Store. It allows you to set specific applications that can be launched when certain gestures are performed with the phone.

This application is also more complete than the functionality of the Moto X, it allows you to launch several other applications, and with gesture other than just shaking the wrist.

Read the messages aloud and reply while driving

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<p style=Motorola Assist a feature that automatically detects certain circumstances and alters the phone's behavior based on them. It is a great way to receive and reply to messages while you are driving, without taking your hands off the wheel. The application is performed in the background and is activated by moving the hand in front of the display. Android Driving Assistant an application that introduces features very similar to what we see on the Moto X, although in some things it differs.


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