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Here are the best Cydia Repos of 2013 for iPhone, iPod and iPad


Cydia: here is the list with the best repo of 2013 to download games, themes, programs and apps for free without paying

Comprehensive list of best Cydia sources (2012-2013)

Top Best Cydia sources for iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad (iOS 4 / iOS 5 / iOS 6)

As we have seen in the past few days, The jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and iPod updated to iOS 6.1 has finally been released.

With Jailbreak it is finally possible to make full use of your Apple device: you can finally customize your device, change the theme, install many Cydia tweaks and, above all, download free games, themes, programs, applications and tweaks that would normally be paid.

therefore, if you have jailbroken on your Apple devices (see here: JAILBREAK), today I recommend some very useful Cydia repo that allows you to download games, tweaks, applications and themes completely free of charge.

So, let's not waste any more time and let's see immediately which are the best Cydia repo that you absolutely must have on your iPhone, iPad or iPod with Jailbreak.

Here is the complete list.

1 Insanelyi Cydia Source / Repo

Insanelyi Source

– Fantastic source to download and install for free many applications of Cydia cracked, which would normally be paid.> Best applications offered on the repo: AppSync (Must Have Cydia App), AndriodLock XT, Barrel, biteSMS, frash, Graviboard, Gridlock, iFile, Infiniboard, Infinifolders, Masks, Multifl0w, My Wi and many more.

– Excellent source for cracked Cydia themes andgames DLC.

2 SinfuliPhone Cydia Source / Repo

SinfuliPhone Source

– Very useful to download applications, themes and other material cracked by Cydia for free. Among the best programs to download: Springtomize 2, Zephyr, Infinidock, AndroidLock, ProTube, Attachment Saver, FaceBreak, GameBoy emulator, iBlueNova, iRealSMS, My3G, MyWi, and NES emulator.

3 HackYouriPhone Cydia Source / Repo

HackYouriPhone Source

– The best repo ever for Cydia cracked themes and Dramboard cracked themes> Main themes available: Amplified HD, BoxorHD, Elite PRO HD, Glass Orb, iFlat, iNitsua Z SD / HD / i, inPulse for iPad, Omega HD, Prestige-HD / SD, revi-krsand many more

– Excellent source for cydia apps / tweaks as well.

4 xSellize Cydia Source / Repo

xSellize Source / Repo

– Excellent repo to download applications and themes cracked by Cydia. Among the many available:Cycorder, FBUploader, iBlacklist, ScrollingBoard, Speed ??Intensifier and others

5 iHacksRepo Cydia Source


– Lots of tweaks and cracked applications ready to be downloaded.> Among the main ones: Color Keyboard, iAP Cracker, iProtect, iWank, Lockdown Pro, MewSeek, RetinaPadand many more.

– Excellent source for Cydia themes

6 iAP Cracker Cydia Source / Repo

iAP Cracker Official Repo / Source

If you need this program, which allows you to download content that would be free of charge (in-app purchases in practice), I recommend downloading the tweak from one of the repo mentioned above. This repo, in fact, sometimes causes problems for Cydia and not essential

7 BiteYourApple Cydia Source / Repo

BYA (BiteYourApple)

– An all-Italian repo in which to find many Cydia cracked applications and many themes for your devices. Among the most interesting apps:Full Screen for Safari, GroupSMS, Home Page in Safari and Wifi Sync.

8 51iPA Cydia Source / Repo 51iPA Source

– A Chinese store, known above all for the games and tricks it distributes all over the world.

9 iHackstore Cydia Source / Repo iHackstore Repo / Source

– Good repo for apps and themes to download for free from Cydia.

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