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Help | The best Zombie games on Android

If you use yours Android to save the world every day from zombie, then you will have to enter the adventures proposed in many games on Google Play. The store dedicated to the green robot full of games of the genre, but which ones really deserve? Today we want to present you some titles zombeschi which must be immediately downloaded!

The developers have understood that zombies are extremely attractive to players and churn out titles that simulate the invasion of the living dead on a daily basis. If the globe were to be attacked, surely Android users would know how to defend themselves, even if they will not be able to use their terminal.

Do you think you know the best titles of the genre? Let's see some super fun games together.

Plants vs. Zombies

Famous game by PopCap which has achieved enormous success. You will have to stop the zombie attack by using bizarre elements. For protect your home you can use the shooters, the walls of nuts, the explosive cherries. The living dead are slow, but en masse they are dangerous! Warning!

(App) com.popcap.pvz_row (/ app)

Take on the role of the protagonist Schioppo, a man who only wants to survive and to do so must destroy the lousy zombies. It is a FPS * therefore you will find yourself in an elevated position with your trusty weapon you will have to aim and bring down the living dead. We have already talked in depth about this fantastic game available on Google Play.

(App) & feature = search_result #? T = W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5nbHUuYW5kcm9pZC56b21ic25pcGVyIl0. (/ App)

This time your mission will not be to save the whole world, but only the goals you are in. For example, the hero will be positioned in a bar and will have to try to prevent the zombies from getting in and destroying everything. Use the rifle, the machine gun and, above all, reinforce the axes that block the entrance ways. If monsters go into the shop, kill them, but clean the mush immediately that comes out of their bodies! On chaotic we have already talked about this title in another article.

(App) com.twistedoak.zw2 (/ app)

The zombies of this adventure will not be as impressive as the others, but they will affect themselves as if they were from paper! Use a powerful electric saw, or a simple utility knife! Later you can also use other weapons such as scissors or laser gun. The latter will be divided into various categories: cut, fire and throw. Also very interesting graphics, users have enjoyed this game very much. If you want to find out more details, read the in-depth article.

(App) com.wildbit.paperzombie (/ app)

Finally, we present a brand new game recently arrived on Google Play. To protect your home, this time you will have to use your finger as a weapon. Crush or simply fly the zombies that allow themselves to get closer to the target. You can also drag weapons to the stage, such as bombs. It is a physics-based game which allows you to save the world from zombies, but in a decidedly original way.

(App) com.zynga.zombiesmash (/ app)

You will be transported to a disturbing abandoned home and, of course, the zombie haunted mansion who can't wait to eat the protagonist. Also this time we are faced with an FPS that will allow you to see in the foreground your personal weapon that must kill monsters. The background music will increase even more anguish than it will take when you enter a new room!

(App) com.corncrow.thedead (/ app)

It is a survival horror game that can terrify players! You will have to be able to destroy the corpses that will try to attack you. A gunshot and the dead enemy? No, you will have to dismember them to be able to weed out the face of the earth. To succeed, you will have a vast arsenal from which to take the best weapons for dismember monsters, such as the plasma notocutter! For more information read the in-depth article!

(App) com.ea.deadspace_row (/ app)

Before Ninja Fruits, the title developers also came up with something decidedly more Horror. The protagonist named Barry Steakfries will have to constantly flee and take down endless waves of zombies that I absolutely want to feed on him. Monsters will not only be transformed humans, but even dinosaurs! Very funny cartoon style graphics!

(App) com.halfbrick.ageofzombies (/ app)

After all these missions, aren't you afraid of being bitten? If you or a friend of yours end up under the clutches of these monstrous creatures, the horrible mutation will occur! How would you become? B, this nice reveals it to youapplication that turns people's faces into zombies!

(App) com.motionportrait.ZombieBooth (/ app)

* FPS: First Person Shooter which means first person shooter.

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