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HELIOS is the prepress for Mac OS X

HELIOS is the prepress for Mac OS X logomacitynet1200wide 1

End users are currently discouraged from participating (the URL is very confidential) but it is still excellent news for all those who rely on X as a system for managing large prepress systems in an environment where Windows NT / 2000 is enjoying good success. The final software should be available by mid-October and will allow you to manage Mac and Windows clients, with excellent speed permormance (with EtherShare 2.6) and an optimized PDF management with PDF Handshake (also print PDF through Intenet) OPI and Imposition. The native Helios suite for Mac OS X represents one of the most complete prepress packages for Mac systems and among its customers it includes USAToday, Disney, Better Homes & Gardens, JPL, NASA?. product information visit this page on the Helios website.

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