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Google Play Books: comes to version 3.0.15 with many new features

As the title suggests, we can say that the new update of Google Play Books that arrived at the version 3.0.15. For all those who want to download the well-known update, they can simply do it from the Android online store, Play Store.

However, the update takes a while to arrive on all devices with the Android operating system, so it will be necessary to wait a few hours or a few days. In addition, thanks to this new update, Google has had the opportunity to introduce news even if not many, among the news that have been made, we will notice that BigG has added a new section, or 'All books' in' My library '; in addition there was an improvement in stability and finally another novelty according to which users Android they will have the possibility to carry out the desired searches from the text of the various books with the original pages.

Therefore, all users who wish to download the Google Play Books 3.0.15 release will be able to do so from the Play Store and see if the update is already available on their green robot device. To perform this operation, select the Play Store item and then select 'My apps'. However, if the update is not available, you will need to download a file APK directly from the updated app.


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