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Gmail: the new release introduces Google Now-style graphics …

Google update again Gmail and this time the new release, version 4.6, introduces important innovations both in the field of mail management and as regards the graphic aspect that approaches, in both cases, the style of Google Now.

The changes are numerous and in the first instance there is the total rearrangement of multiple emails for single contact that are no longer scrolling, but organized by tabs to be opened, as happens precisely for Google Now. In addition, the Mountain Views giant has made it faster and more intuitive to consult e-mails by categories, making them immediately visible on the front page, with the brand next to each, and the multi-selection mechanism has been perfected which, in the previous version, was not very intuitive, often ending with opening the emails rather than selecting them, also to show how the latter is successful, the contact photo will be replaced by a dedicated image.

The update of this new version 4.6 of Gmail in these hours being released through the Google Play Store, it will take a few days before this can be available to all users, in fact known as the update is gradual in these cases. If you are interested and want to immediately try the new version, you can download the appropriate one apk from the following links below:

– Gmail 4.6 [Download # 1]

– Gmail 4.6 [Download # 2]


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