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GeoHot gets Root permissions for the Galaxy S4 Active

Excellent news for owners of a Samsung Galaxy S4 Actve, who are passionate about modifications to their Android terminals. Finally, even the "extreme" version of the Galaxy S4, in fact, has its own procedure for obtaining root permissions.

One of the most famous hackers in the world, in fact, GeoHot, successful in the venture. The hacker, however, much more famous in the world of consoles and Apple, than the root of terminals with Android on board. Geohot, in fact, author of many tools for the iPhone Jailbreak and unlocking for the PlayStation 3. Now GeoHot, acquiring a place of honor also in the heart and terminals of the happy smartphone owners Android.

The hacker, in fact, accepted the "challenge" launched on the forum of XDA, the most important community of developers, also inherent in the world of the green robot, on the root of the new Samsung terminal, the Galaxy S4 Active.

The hacker quickly posted photos of the root on a Galaxy S4 Active with At & T operator on the related thread. The curiosity that the terminal root had a sort of size, offered by users, which amounts to 455 dollars. To be able to obtain it, GeoHot must not limit itself to publishing the unlock photo, but also the procedure. What will you decide to do?

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