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Gameloft releases the first trailer of Man in Black 3

Gameloft continues to be talked about. After the image of Asphalt 7 introduced in the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S III, a new video reappears which this time features another highly anticipated title,Man in Black 3.

The trailer shows some game pieces very clearly, it is clear from the outset that not the video game we all expected, that is, with FPS graphics, but well with the one from above.

The graphics will certainly not be the strong point of Man inBlack3, but from what is shown we can understand that this title will have a vast map where you will have to wander around the city in search of goals. In doing so, you will accumulate money to spend probably on armaments and objects of various kinds.

Here is the trailer:

[yframe url = ?http: // v = V25cOgGMgZM?]

The game expected for the May 17, for all platforms including Android, the price per hour unknown, but in our opinion easy that it isfreemium and then with additional paid content.

We personally were disappointed with the choice of graphics. But you, what do you think?



freemium:Freemium a typical economic model of the Web according to which two versions of the same product or service are offered: the first free and limited in use; the second, which is also generally complete for a fee, or offers additional functions.

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