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For those who have a rebellious soul: Frontline Commando (update with …

You will be alone and you will have to be a real man, a commando in first line it's a rebel that I will not back away from anyone stumbling block..

If theonly survivor of a commando of rebels who launched an attack on a ruthless dictator, you're stuck in the front line and determined to revenge. You must use all your skills for to survive to the furious onslaught of enemy forces and avenge your fallen comrades.

Frontline Commando a really extreme third person shooter, with graphics worthy of a game for consul, precise commands, advanced physics and scenarios with destructible objects. Get into the heart of the battle and push your device Android to the limit carrying out deadly missions.

You will have to come out into the open and shoot down helicopters, jeeps and enemy bases full of soldiers or fight against waves of increasingly aggressive enemies in many different missions. You will have a arsenal weapons available worthy of an army such as: assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, medical kits, armor and more.

Update: We have inserted the video review of this game created by our staff.

Good vision and as always let us know your impressions:

The Frontline Commando APK available for free on the Market through the following link:[Qr] .. [/ qr]

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