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Flixwagon, video broadcasting via iPhone

Flixwagon, video broadcasting via iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

Among the natural limitations of the iPhone is the inability to shoot movies: if the Installer applications are excluded, the iPhone is officially unable to record videos through its camera.

A pity, especially for those who do not have an unlocked iPhone and cannot access the innumerable resources of the Installer; among these we want to talk about Flixwagon, a program that, after registering on the Flixwagon site, allows you to transmit the videos taken via iPhone via Wi-Fi broadcasting. The films can also be stored on the iPhone, streamed on their own website or personal blog and notified to friends: they will in fact remain available on the Flixwagon servers.

Obviously for now Flixwagon available only for those who have an unlocked iPhone 2G, with firmware 1.1.3 or 1.1.4. Given the features, we will probably never see Flixwagon on the App Store; who was in possession of an iPhone 2G and 3G with firmware 2.0., will therefore have to wait for it to be unlocked.

Meanwhile, here is an example of a video shot with the application.

Thanks to Stefano for the report.

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