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Fingerprints? Android has the solution

As learned, at theBerlin IFA 2013 several devices have been presented that will be able to read ours Fingerprints in order to unlock your mobile device.

But to date, applications have arrived on the Play Store that will give the possibility of being able to 'simulate this system'. The first application that I want to report to you is the 'Fingerprint Lock Screen', which gives you the opportunity to unlock the device after performing a specific series of fingerprint recognition cycles.

For example, if 5 cycles are set, it will be necessary to wait for the recognition bar to go beyond your finger 5 times, then you have to remove your finger from the smartphone display and in this way the game is done. While, the second app on Play Store 'Fingerprint Lock Free', This gives the Android user the possibility to unlock the mobile device via an' invisible 'button and with the simulation of fingerprint reading. An app that presents a truly innovative and simple in its use. Obviously, with this app it cannot read the fingerprints, but it responds to the touch. In fact, there is the possibility through a trick, to be able to change with a click: allow or deny access.

These two applications are not security systems, but have been created for pure fun, given that the current touch-screens are not able to function as a scanner and therefore read fingerprints.

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