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Encrypt phone calls and sms with android

At present, we believe that we can obtain a minimum of privacy when using any telecommunication network, be it a cellular network or a pure utopia internet. Current smartphones are not only excellent devices for connection to the cellular network but also real laptops. Of course this is a positive aspect but it also hides the other side of the coin. In fact, it creates several problems regarding the security of your personal data and your conversations. In fact being it smartphone a small computer inherits from this all the possible and often inevitable flaws of the system and at the same time being a telephone it carries with it all the intrinsic weaknesses of a connection.

But if it is true that the connections are not secure, however, it is true that there are products on the market that can guarantee a certain confidentiality when using the smartphone. There are two applications that protect privacy: Redphone encrypts phone calls. The best systems for encrypting connections use the ZRTP protocol. This protocol allows you to protect telephone communications made on the Internet by tracking all incoming and outgoing packets from the phone by encrypting and decrypting them in real time. The ZRTP uses to encrypt the AES algorithm. Redphone therefore does not use any telephone company but makes the call go through the Internet via Voip.

Now that the calls have been secured now to think of text messages another nerve center of cyber security for those who use smartphone. Again, an application and voip will have to be used. The application in this case CryptMySms which has the task of transforming the text message into many encrypted armored packets and then being decrypted once they arrive at their destination.

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