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Download with eMule or Torrent? For Android there is AcXdcc!

Thanks to the software mIRC You can exploit the potential such as chat, you can use the IRC client to download various files made available by users. Nowadays this tool is used as the main tool for p2p instead of the classics eMule is torrent.

In addition, the spread of smartphones and tablets so advanced that they have taken the place of notebooks and desktops given the high performance, so it is not surprising that the first applications that allowed filesharing and download of mobile devices were created. One of the various applications of Android AcXdcc. A specific IRC client for the extension of the DCC protocol which gives the possibility of being able to download files directly from the bots, which are present in the various channels.

AcXdcc aapp as simple as its use. In fact, when the list of channels is downloaded, you will have the opportunity to search and start downloading the material you prefer. Instead, for all those who already use programs for filesharing they will know that for most documents they are compressed in different archives in "rar" format, in this way an application that allows you to extract the contents will be useful.

In addition, the size of the file to be downloaded should not be neglected, since not having a hundreds of GB hard disk, the space that would be needed to keep the given file could not be enough. You can find AcXdcc on the net in AcXdcc Irc downloader free version or the other 'donated' version.

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