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DizzyBee to have fun with the accelerometer

DizzyBee to have fun with the accelerometer logomacitynet1200wide 1

The only flaw of DizzyBeeFree that after downloading and playing with the four scenarios available in the free demo, it is difficult to resist the temptation to immediately purchase the full version. The little bee that we have to guide in the rescue of flowers and friends well designed and characterized, as well as all the other characters in the game. The same goes for animations and audio effects, so spot on and nice that we have the impression of being in front of a title for a latest generation portable console.

No instructions are needed: to play, just tilt the iPhone and iPod touch in all possible directions to move in the same direction not only our character and all his friends to save, but also the "bad guys". The end result is an intriguing, fun game that takes a few seconds to complete each screen, allowing you to use it anywhere, even to fill a short wait.

The reference to the graphics and titles of the portable consoles is not casual: the original idea of ??DizzyBeeFree derives from the famous Locoroco, the video game that has bewitched millions of players first on the portable Playstation and then also on the Playstation 3. With DizzyBeeFree all users of the pocket books evolved Apple can always have a video game catchphrase with them. The free demo with the four irresistible game levels can be downloaded from this App Store page.

You are warned: once you have tried practically it is impossible to avoid purchasing the full version. In this article we have included numerous screenshots from the demo, perfect for observing in detail the care for the graphics and the drawing of the levels. Lower down we have also included the YouTube movie with the trailer of the game created by the developers that best illustrates animations, controls and the nice audio. Recall that after downloading the demo, iTunes detects the download made and after a few moments I will propose the purchase of the full game, entitled DDizzyBee. For once, giving in to temptation costs very little: only ? 2.39 to be able to lead our bee through all the complete scenarios!

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