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CyanogenMod Account: here is the new device security service

The team CyanogenMod it does not cease to amaze and while discussing the possible marketing of the brand and source codes, a new geolocation service has been officially released and announced for its devices equipped with the known Rom.

The service, calledCyanogenMod Account, will not be a real application but a feature implemented directly in the Rom, similarly to the Android Device Manager of Google, inserted among the features of the Google Play Services, similarly allowing the latter to find his device wherever it is via the location on the map and then choose what to do, depending on the situation, between a block of the device, or a precautionary hard reset in case of theft.

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<p>The news of this service, announced<em>Koushik Dutta</em> through a specific post on the profile <em>Google+</em> it concerns privacy, a highly discussed and sensitive issue for users that the CyanogenMod team wanted to preserve by ensuring the total absence of elements within the code that can allow developers to collect data and unlike the multiple services on the scene , to confirm what has been said, it was possible to download the source codes for the developers in order to verify it by hand.</p>
<p>Anyone interested in taking advantage of the service, simply connect to the official website, the link of which is shown below, and register an account in order to benefit from it. We need to underline how this feature is still in the beta test phase and will soon be released in a standard way in the next updates of the Roma before <strong>Nightly</strong> and then <strong>stable</strong>.</p>
<p>– CyanogenMod Account [Official WebSite]</p>
<p>Thanks for subscribing! Please check your email for further instructions.</p>