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CyanogenMod 10.2: also available for Samsung Nexus S

The best-known modding team on the scene, that is CyanogenMod, continues to amaze fans of the sector by providing their Roma to devices for which the opposite would have seemed more likely, and this time it was the owners of the Samsung Nexus S.

The device Google Experience for some time out of the range of updates made in Mountain Views and there for hardware components considered no longer up to par, yet, unlike models on the market much more performing, it is possible to equip it with the release of Android 4.3 and all thanks to CM 10.2 that CyanogenMod managed to achieve. This is obviously a first approach, therefore the version released by the team in the form of Nightly is not free from several bugs, as always minority compared to what is expected, despite everything for some problems in daily use should manifest it and for this reason that an update to stabilize the situation is expected shortly.

The Samsung Nexus S is one of the historic models never abandoned by CyanogenMod which, with this Rom, demonstrates and further confirms its fame by getting there where even Samsung it's the same Google they did not want to push, although almost certainly for purely commercial reasons.

If you are happy owners and want to test the CM 10.2, we refer you to the official page to be able to download:

– Samsung Nexus S – CM 10.2 [CyanogenMod Downloads]

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