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Cruising on the Woz

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Every day more than MacMania speakers, the cruise for Mac users organized Nei Bauman, CEO of Geek Cruises is enriched. In the last few days, Bob has been added to the list of those who will speak during the trip entirely dedicated to apple users " Dr. Mac "LeVitus perhaps the most famous Mac columnist," historical "speaker of MacWorld, and author of the volume" Mac OS X For Dummies "(as well as 33 other books) and Jesse Feiler, who wrote" Java Programming on Mac OS X , "Mac OS X: The Complete Reference," Mac OS X Developer's Guide, ". Previously he had confirmed membership no less than Steve Wozniak. Apple's co-founder came after Andy Gore, former director of Macworld and David Pogue. As mentioned in recent days, the seven-day cruise departing in May allows you to travel to Alaska and at the same time attend a series of conferences for a total of 20 hours on the Mac world. The prices are certainly not the most affordable (need to say): inside cabins from $ 1,050-1,100, outside cabins: $ 1,350-1,550 to which must be added the cost of the conferences that goes from $ 600 to $ 1284, plus port taxes ($ 184) and the cost of the trip to Vancouver from where the cruise departs.

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