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Connect keyboards and mice to an android device

The strength of the operating system Android to be absolutely flexible. It manages to adapt to the performance of each device that hosts it, making the smartphone a device capable of fulfilling any desire of the owner. Of course, the greater the technical skills of the hardware, the greater will be the fields of intervention of the software, perhaps giving the possibility to those who want to add more peripherals to increase user comfort such as the keyboard, mouse and controller for video games. There are two ways to connect these devices. There are two different but both very valid ways: via USB port or wireless via Bluetooth connection.

Add other input devices to the device Android very simple enough to have the right paraphernalia. The problem that could arise in trying to connect peripherals inherent in the nature of the USB ports present in mobile devices such as tablets and Android. In fact, the use of microUSB ports is increasingly widespread and are not naturally compatible with traditional USB ports. To overcome this problem it is necessary to use USB OTG ports. The USB On The Go are able to create connections between two devices without the need for a computer that performs the task of connecting.

Before buying this cable it is always advisable to inquire if supported. If your device does not support the OTG cable, don't worry. Indeed Android gives everyone the possibility to connect peripherals wirelessly via the bluetooth connection. Do this really simple. As for all devices that use a wireless connection, the keyboard and mouse are also added by going to bluetooth from the settings menu. Once this is done, just check if the mouse cursor appears and moves on the screen or if the keyboard key combinations work to make sure that the peripherals are read correctly.

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