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Calumet of peace between AMD and Intel

Calumet of peace between AMD and Intel logomacitynet1200wide 1

It appears that the anticipated conflict between HyperTransport (HT) and 3GIO, two new standards for connectivity and communication between external devices and chips, will not exist. AMD and Intel, each of which supports one or the other system, have in fact announced that it has reached an agreement to make HT and 3GIO complementary rather than competitors. The place of the significant peace declaration: the Intel developer conference that is being held in the USA in these days. In the context of the main event organized by the giant of the AMD processors, it has announced that it is joining the Arrapahoe consortium which takes care of the implementation of 3GIO.Thanks to this decision, Intel and AMD will collaborate on the standards instead of opposing how it would have been possible. 3GIO, according to the intentions of Intel, will have to take the place of PCI and AGP but it also has the potential to undermine HT, supported by AMD and essentially focused on communication between chips. On paper, therefore, a war similar to that of the early 90s could have been triggered when PCI fought against VL-Bus From what is understood the tasks of HT and 3GIO will remain different and each of the two contenders will try not to make it competitive with that studied by the 'opponent. Good news for the whole world of IT that faced the nightmare of two different standards with a consequent increase in production costs and confusion among the producers. To facilitate the agreement, the times with which the HT and 3GIO are destined to arrive. on the market. The AMD system is already being adopted but still in its infancy, 3GIO will be presented in the middle of next year but will not be available on the market until mid 2003. There is therefore plenty of time to change the strategic prospects of each of the two Let's remember that Apple, just a few weeks ago, joined the consortium that supports HT.

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