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Burning program from Iomega

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Iomega announced yesterday the release of HotBurn, a CD and CDR burning program. The application – they say from Salt Lake City – is characterized by simplicity of use and simplicity. ?Burning software – reads a press release – is often complicated and confusing. HotBurn, on the other hand, is fast and has a clear and linear interface that can create a CD in one or two steps ?HotBurn brings together all the options necessary for burning in a single interface. There is the possibility of using different skins, and a function that allows you to create compilations from CDs without copying the files to the HD. According to Iomega, burning of music discs takes place in two steps, that of copying a CD in one step. It is also possible to create a disk image for subsequent duplications. A technology similar to Burn Proof is also supported which eliminates the problems of Buffer Underrun and therefore the risk of ruining a CD during burning. HotBurn will be available for free to all those who purchase an Iomega burner from October; later it will be downloadable from the Iomega website at a price of $ 19.95 for all those who use burners of other brands. Compatible with MacOs 8.6 to 9.x.

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