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Bosch invests $ 20 million in UltraSense for 3D ultrasound sensors

Robert Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC), a Bosch group venture capital firm, has completed an investment in UltraSense Systems, a start-up based in San Jose, California. Founded by a group of experts who have designed and manufactured billions of sensors for the consumer electronics market, UltraSense has developed a 3D ultrasound sensor capable of detecting contact through any type of material and thickness, so as to transform surfaces into interfaces.

"This solution creates new touch interface opportunities for different products, including power tools and appliances, or for cars," explained Ingo Ramesohl, CEO of RBVC. The main lenders of the investment were Artiman Venture Capital and RBVC. Other investors are, for example, Sony Innovation Fund, Abies Ventures, Asahi Kasei Corporation and Hui Capital.

The range of UltraSense products interesting in the user interface for mobile devices such as smartphone, in theIoT, automotive sector is industrial. According to statesman, UltraSense will manufacture over a billion sensors per year for the high-end smartphone market only. The TouchPoint family of sensors defined as "the world's smallest on-chip ultrasound system" that allows to obtain touch sensors for thin and thick surfaces of any material, including glass, wood, ceramic or plastic.

Bosch, $ 20 million to UltraSense Systems, a startup that makes 3D ultrasound sensors

Mo Maghsoudnia, founder and CEO of UltraSense Systems, reports that the sensors in question will be seen on products that will arrive on the market towards the end of this year. The small sensors are designed to work independently of the host processor of the product, with the integrated algorithm processing. They can be used as autonomous power devices, feeding the whole product with a touch, or as a multifunctional user interface.