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Backup and Restore of Repo, Tweak, SMS, Contacts and Photos on iPhone with Total …


Total Backup: Allows you to Backup and Restore Repo, Tweak, SMS, Contacts and Photos with a single Tap | Cydia

I point out today a nice program for iPhone, unfortunately available only for users who have jailbroken their device.


The tweak in question is called Total Backup and allows you to make a full backup of the iPhone, with particular attention to everything related to Cydia, the repo and the tweaks installed.

Total Backup, as we anticipated, a new tweak present in Cydia that allows you to backup Deb files, Repositories, SMS, contacts, notes, calls, and photos with just one tap on your iOS device.

Total Backup is therefore a really convenient, complete and useful tool, especially if you want or need to perform a complete recovery of your iPhone or iPad.

The Total Backup program compatible with both iPhone and iPad and very easy to use. Very convenient for all users who have jailbreak on their device and are forced to do a restore. In this way, after the recovery, it will be possible to find all the Cydia repo and also all the previously installed tweaks.

But let's see in detail the tweak and its features.

How does Total Backup work? What is it for?

Use the extremely simple and immediate tweak: after installing it from Cydia, you will have to start the Total Backup application and you will find a menu with different options to select.

Among the many, you can choose:

  • Full Backup Make a full backup of your device
  • Restore Backup Restore a previous backup made
  • BackupSource Back up your Repos
  • RestoreDeb Restore your installed Tweaks
  • BackupDeb Back up the tweaks installed on your iOS device

So, as you can easily see, Total Backup is a really useful and complete tweak.

Absolutely recommended if you need or want to restore your iPhone or iPad. Very convenient especially for those who have a device already with jailbreak and many Cydia tweaks installed.

If interested, find itTotal Backupin Cydia Store available for free through the repo ofBigBoss.


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